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NetRead Software and Services

NetRead's Writer-in-Residence Program

NetRead's support of literature continues with its Writer-In-Residence Program.
This program runs seasonally.

Place: NetRead provides a writing space within its office
Space: Somewhat quiet, but there is a business being run
Face: Pre-1900 loft in Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington
Base: Desk, PC, good coffee, shot of absinthe, no sharp objects
Race: 3 month time period. Lodging not included.

Prior publication not required. Send a 6-page manuscript, a C.V., and an interesting missive.

Email your submission to

Review Board

Greg Aden

Greg Aden is the President of NetRead, and Founder of NetRead's Writer-In-Residence Program. Deluded by friends and partners into believing that metadata is sexy, Greg still writes of such notions. Increasing the cast of characters is one of many goals for NetRead, and adding a creative force in the Metadata Suite simply has to be a great idea.

Cindy Cunningham

Cindy Cunningham sits on the board of NetRead's Writer-In-Residence Program. Ms. Cunningham is the Director of Partners Programs for OCLC. Prior to OCLC, Cindy was Director of Search Experience for Corbis and managed catalog operations for She is the recipient of the Ballard-by-the-Sea award, given annually by a private endowment in La Jolla, California, for neighborhood beautification. She holds a Masters of Library Science from the University of Washington.

Jason Flores-Williams

Jason Flores-Williams, novelist and journalist, was the political writer for High Times magazine during the Republican National Convention. The Last Stand of Mr. America, his third novel, is published by Canongate in the UK, Grove in the US, with rights recently sold to Russia. His first play, The Dinner Party, was published in 2007 in Post Road magazine. He is a frequent contributor to the Brooklyn Rail and has been featured on CNN, NPR, The New York Times, and the Village Voice.

"I wrote my first novel, The End of The West, on Greg Aden's computer at his pad on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The only time I'd break from the writing is to go surfing with him and Pete Alcorn. Out there on our boards, the city rising and falling with the swell, we talked life, books, soul, and art. From NetRead and novels, to resistance and life - we caught waves that keep on rolling."

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