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NetRead Launches EbookCaster Application at Book Expo 2010

(New York, NY- May 25, 2010) -NetRead Software and Services, LLC, a solutions-provider to the book industry, launched EbookCaster today, a digital warehousing, content and metadata distribution application. NetRead's EbookCaster addresses the challenge of delivering properly-formatted electronic content and metadata on-demand to the major ebook device companies, online ebook companies, and libraries.

"EbookCaster empowers the publisher, giving them a simple but extremely effective way of controlling the distribution of their electronic content and metadata," said Greg Aden, CEO of NetRead Software and Services, LLC. "There's no outsourcing of labor here, or relying on someone else's schedule. Pick your titles, click your partners, and instantly distribute content, images, and title information."

NetRead celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its product, JacketCaster, the first ONIX-conversion application. ONIX is the xml-based book industry metadata standard, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in January. EbookCaster is integrated into JacketCaster, so that existing clients needn't log in to another system to access or distribute their ebooks.

"Metadata conversion remains the primary challenge, especially in the ebook space," said Aden. "We recognized the importance of adding JacketCaster's code to an ebook distribution platform, and with that, EbookCaster erases the difficulties of addressing various metadata formats in combined distribution with the proper ebook format."

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NetRead is a leader in innovative book-marketing tools. NetRead's JacketCaster defines the Long Tail in publishing, saves publishers time, and increases online book sales. Privately-held, NetRead is based in Pioneer Square, a rain shadow of history in downtown Seattle.

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