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JacketCaster Adds New Feature with Bulk Change Wizard

(Seattle, WA - Dec 5, 2008) - NetRead's JacketCaster, the premier ONIX-conversion and distribution application, has added a feature to its interface for mass title edits. Its Bulk Change Wizard is a 2-step process which allows the publisher to make changes to status, price, discount, and publication dates across an entire catalog of titles. It requires no technical ability, and can be accessed by any number of users in the publishing company.

"Publishers wanted the ability to make quick data changes across a myriad of titles, and retailers like BN and Amazon are always pushing for the most current information around availability, price, discount, and/or publication date," said Greg Aden, CEO of NetRead Software and Services, LLC. "This was the natural convergence of those needs."

Earlier this year, NetRead made it possible for users to quickly generate reports that identified missing data or assisted them in meeting industry data certification standards. Instant Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.)-type features are a trademark of the JacketCaster application.

In action, the Bulk Change Wizard empowers the publishers and saves them time, for example, when adjusting status codes from Not-Yet-Published to In-Print on 1000 ISBNs. It provides a D.I.Y. approach to the problem, removing the potential interaction between publisher and NetRead's engineering team. Easy and intuitive, it ensures that the publisher won't be placed in a technical queue awaiting implementation.

NetRead Software and Services, LLC, launched the first commercial ONIX-conversion application, JacketCaster, in 2000. They are the preferred ONIX-provider for Amazon's edoc program. NetRead provides book marketing applications and services for the largest publishers in the world to the smallest publishers in Hawaii.

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