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JacketCaster Adds New Feature with Buy Sheet Wizard

(Seattle, WA - January 24, 2009) - NetRead's JacketCaster, the premier ONIX-conversion and distribution application, has added a feature for the automatic generation of buy sheets. Its Buy Sheet Wizard creates buy sheets, also referred to as tip sheets or title cards, from the same catalog upload which creates the publisher's catalog exports. A buy sheet is a document used in the sales process between publisher sales representative and book buyer. Prior to this, publishers have either created it with an in-house solution or suffered the laborious process of completing these required documents by hand.

"NetRead is always looking for new ways to repurpose book metadata with the intention of increasing book sales, and solving this arduous process for the publisher salesperson was a natural progression for JacketCaster," said Greg Aden, CEO of NetRead Software and Services, LLC.

Publisher requests have long driven the development of JacketCaster. NetRead launched its Bulk Change Wizard in December of 2008 after publishers asked for the ability to make quick, instant edits across an entire catalog of titles. The feature is extremely popular and addresses mass changes across status, date, price, and discount fields.

The Buy Sheet Wizard will save publisher sales representatives hours of effort and frustration, allowing them to instantly complete the particularly notorious forms of Barnes and Noble and Walden Books. Hours not spent with data entry will increase focus on more effective selling and retail relationships.

NetRead Software and Services, LLC, launched the first commercial ONIX-conversion application, JacketCaster, in 2000. They are the preferred ONIX-provider for Amazon's edoc program. NetRead provides book marketing applications and services for the largest publishers in the world to the smallest publishers in Hawaii.

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