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Publishers and Venues Can Add Events to EventCaster in Bulk

(San Francisco, CA - October 16, 2001) - EventCaster, which distributes information about literary events to newspapers and online media outlets, has just been upgraded with a bulk loader. Publishers, bookstores, libraries, and other promoters of literary events can submit lists of events on a spreadsheet template supplied by NetRead. In the past, publishers and venues have entered all events by hand. Organizations now providing events in bulk include Barnes & Noble, Borders, and HarperCollins.

Instructions for batch uploads can be found at

EventCaster remains a free service for publishers and venues entering event data by hand, and subscriptions to EventCaster remain free. NetRead charges a processing fee for batch uploads. Prices are as follows:

  • Up to 25 Events: $25.00
  • 26-75 Events: $50.00
  • 76 - 200 Events: $100.00
  • More Than 200 Events: $150.00

The fee covers the cost of importing the data and eliminating duplicate listings, which can occur when a publisher and a bookstore enter data about the same event. Payment can be made through NetRead's Yahoo store at:

EventCaster now has a running list of 1500 - 2000 literary events and about 500 media subscribers, including most major newspapers and some of the top online news outlets, including Yahoo. EventCaster's breadth and ease of use has made it the top online tool for publicists throughout the book industry, as well as for newspaper calendar editors. The new batch event loader is expected increase EventCaster's popularity by making it much easier for major event venues and large publishers to add and update lists of events.

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