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NetRead Software and Services

“I made the decision to deliver ONIX data through NetRead, and I saw immediate results. Within a week, accurate new title data appeared on NetRead’s user-friendly, intuitive interface allows me to put all publishing information in one place, where it is sensibly linked together, and send industry standard title information to ALL of our trading partners. Comparing the amount of time I used to spend preparing disparate spreadsheets for various channels, my labor is reduced by half. I also produce B&N buy sheets from the same data source that delivers our ONIX data. A revolutionary achievement! NetRead allows me to maximize efficiency, supply accurate new title data to trading partners, and make bulk changes when necessary. Greg and the team are accessible and responsive to our particular needs. I am supremely pleased with their expertise!”

Lori Barsness, Sales Manager, University of Washington Press
(JacketCaster customer)
May 2009

“Although I specialize in electronic marketing and have effectively used nearly every new technology for marketing, one thing has always rung true in my experience. The more ways we create to communicate, the less effective we become at actual communication. This is especially true of online service providers, who have replaced customer care with links to the FAQ page, inane and repetitive newsletters, blog archives, and dysfunctional chat windows manned by people with a tenuous grip on the English language. I, for one, am jaded to the point where I refuse to purchase products from Amazon simply because they don’t allow me to talk to someone.

That said, I wanted to take a moment to comment on the service provided by Greg Aden and his team at NetRead. I am a user of the JacketCaster service, which has provided me the ability to easily push hundreds of books to the wholesale market in ONIX format. Whenever I have had a question or run into a snag, Greg or one of his associates has responded immediately by phone or email. So, that’s nice and all, but what’s so special about that?

They know me. They take the time to understand me and deliver the things I need. In essence, NetRead gets it. Excellent customer service begins with establishing personal relationships and with actual communication that serves the immediate purpose. They do not send me off to look at a FAQ page. They do not ask me to solve the problem myself. They ask questions, they determine the need, they solve the problem. OK, so that’s really nice and all, but is that really special?

Here’s the real kicker. It is likely that I am among the smallest of NetRead’s customers. Once again, NetRead gets it. I’ve been a customer for nearly 8 years, but I’m certainly not paying someone’s annual salary with my subscription to JacketCaster. However, I’ve been treated like I’m John Frickin’ Wiley & Sons, and that’s what is really special. They have a customer for life, and someone who has told every person in his network of publishers just how special NetRead is.

Take a look around. I’m sure there are other organizations that provide some similar services to NetRead. But I guarantee you’ll not find the levels of personality, professionalism, and dedication to real customer service that are the hallmarks of Greg Aden and the entire staff at NetRead.”

Brent Beckley, Director of Marketing, SciTech Publishing
(JacketCaster customer)
May 2009

“My sales have increased significantly because of JacketCaster. This is the Long Tail.”

Francois Perreten, Omnibus Distribution

(JacketCaster customer)

November 2008

“In an age when the unknown is almighty, NetRead has added a great measure of sanity to the marketing of books! The new buy sheet wizard has brought two weeks back to my life. And Greg and team are the best kind of business partners—they listen AND execute!”

Steve Yates, Assistant Director/Marketing Director
University Press of Mississippi

(JacketCaster customer)

May 2009

“NetRead does the heavy lifting! It is rare to find a firm so professional, congenial, intelligent, and supportive–and always thinking of ways to make the service better. Thank you, NetRead.”

Sue Havlish, Vanderbilt University Press

(JacketCaster customer)

March 2009

“AK Press had few channel relationships before using JacketCaster. We no longer face the struggles that many smaller publishers/distributors face, and with a small I.T. staff we’re still able to manage our data changes.”

Craig O’Hara, AK Press

(JacketCaster customer)

March 2008

“Cambridge University Press is Barnes & Noble’s 60th largest book supplier for their bricks-and-mortar stores. But we’re’s 20th largest book supplier. We attribute that solely to the quality of our online catalog and our efforts to get our data to online retailers. JacketCaster helps us automate this process.”

Michael Holdsworth, Cambridge University Press

(JacketCaster customer)

December 2000

“All in all, as I did earlier this year, I think this is one of the truly ingenious service ideas for publishers on the net. We applaud it with our entrepreneurial spirit.”

Ed Williams, Scrivenery Press

(JacketCaster customer)

“NetRead’s JacketCaster appears to be the first commercial service (for ONIX conversions for publishers).but is a sign of things to come.”

Geoff Ebbs, Standard Time, eBooknet,

December 2000

Regarding the Book Announcement Feature in JacketCaster

“Your recent Book Announcement Newsletter is very handsome and nicely put together. I hope it brings you lots of orders, and it should.”

Holly Beye

(to JacketCaster customer Larry Smith, Bottom Dog Press)

“This is great! I’ll send this around to all of my people. And I’ll send you an order of my own early next week. Bravo!”

Norbert Blei

(to JacketCaster customer Larry Smith, Bottom Dog Press)

“This is really great!”

Amy Ballard, ABC-CLIO

Quotes from Channel Partners

“Currently we gather data in very inefficient ways. We also get data of varying qualities and from varying sources, which requires us to determine which data source overwrites the other. Essentially, JacketCaster gives us consistent, regular data feeds in the format we want, eliminating our need to work with distributors and publishers, large and small. It’s remarkably really makes our life easier.”

Cindy Cunningham,

December 2000

“We get the cleanest, best formatted data of any feed from NetRead. I wish all of the publishers sent their data through JacketCaster. My job would be a heck of a lot easier if that were the case.”

Keith Rowe, Ingram

December 2000
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